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1 Percent

Permission Granted

1 Percent

Who   What   Why


1% Women are beautiful inside out, happy, delightful and intelligent.

1% Men are kind, gentlemanly, handsome, generous and adventurous.

1 Percent grows by referral from people we know and trust (required).

1 Percent is not a do-it-yourself online dating site/app. We are offline.


1 Percent is the consummate dating concierge: the only one of its kind. knows what The 1% really want: to meet their Kindred 1%.

Imagine Invitation Only, Checked at the Door, Private Event: That's 1%.

Serious vs Casual


Serious Relationships require work to remain fresh, but it is so worth it when it works: having a past, present and future offers meaningful rewards.

Casual Romances attract those to whom commitment and maintenance do not fit into their busy lives: on demand adventures devoid of drama.

Who wants what? It may surprise many, but it is 50/50. Half The 1% want Serious while Half want Casual. All ultimately desire to meet The One.

1 Percent appeals to men who value time more than money, time being too valuable to waste searching, and to women who admire successful men.

Gents, if first question is how much, then you cannot afford 1 Percent.

Finally, Gals outnumber Guys 10 to 1. After all, Gals enjoy, Guys pay.


​​New @ 1%


Ladies: Wonderful Women Join Free.

Know Great Guys? Affiliate Program->


Gents: Request a Call for Mutual Q&A.

If we meet expectations, receive draft

Subscription Agreement to review.

Create Secret Profile Below

Offline: 1 Percent Eyes Only

Request a Call


What's after Secret Profile?

1 Percent will contact you if your photo and details are accepted. We need a brief video chat to verity you. Then start dating Top 1%.


Do I get to choose dates?

Yes: Men pick girls first. We call the Girls to explain his attributes. If Girls ok, we set up your date end to end.


Can I Remain Secret?

Yes. We protect identities. In 22 years, no one has been outed. Profiles are off-line. Only your Concierge knows.


Who are 1% Concierge?

Ten people dedicated to the romantic happiness of our clientele. Their mission is to make lightening strike.



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