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$20,000 - $10,000 Per Client

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Steps to Success 

1 Percent is not a Click 'n Buy

Affiliates account for 3/4 of New Clientele. 1 Percent prides ourselves on White Glove Service to our Affiliates. First, target Wealthy Men. 


Then expect a level of hands-on attention never seen before. Below are a few tips on how to get the most out of your association with 1 Percent.

Few can be 1% Brand Ambassadors.


High-End Luxury Influencers Only.

1. Read ABOUT for sales info on our 22-year-old concierge dating brand.

2. GoAffPro 50% Coupon: Exclusive to Affiliate. Discount with Code.


3. Commissions at 20% per Client range from $20,000. to $10,000.

4. 1 Year Men Subscription $100,000, or 50% 6 Months at $50,000.

5. 1 Percent helps Affiliates make sales. We speak with every Client.


6. We issue Conference Line for calls. Affiliate is welcome to join in.

7. 1 Percent only accepts New Affiliates after we speak with you: V

8. Tell us About You & Request a Call in Affiliate Form bottom: V

9. Then Create Personal GoAffPro Profile, Get Coupon: ENTER > 

50% discount
Tenure as Affiliate
Annual Earnings

Thank You. We'll Reply Soon!

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